Pay Per Lead

Only Pay for Valid Job Prospects we generate for you

This service is designed to ensure maximum ROI against minimum marketing investment. If you are stuck with SEO or other marketing services but not getting any results, this service will be the best fit. We don’t require our clients to pay even a single $ upfront. We generate the valid leads of the prospects who are interested / who need your in your services from different digital / online platforms and get you their details. If the lead is valid, you pay the amount agreed upon. The payments can be weekly or Bi-weekly at your convenience.

With this strategy, Client doesn’t have to worry about SEO, Website or anything else. We develop what’s required for free and client can solely focus on closing and doing the Jobs.

This service is offered without any contract or Long term Commitments. You can cancel whenever you like. YES! You heard it right!! That’s how confident we are about our services.

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