Pay Per Call

Pay only for the Valid Clients Who call you

This service is designed to reduce the time and cost to acquire business and increase the revenue and probability of the Jobs. In this service there are no upfront fees what so ever. Clients are only required to pay on Weekly / Bi-Weekly basis for the valid phone calls they receive through us.

We are subjected to provide call recording of each call we generate for the client so they can determine how many valid phone calls were generated for them by us. After the validation, Client pays the amount agreed per call and we keep in business.

With this strategy, Client doesn’t have to worry about SEO, Website or anything else. We develop what’s required for free and client can solely focus on closing and doing the Jobs.

This service is offered without any contract or Long term Commitments. You can cancel whenever you like. YES! You heard it right!! That’s how confident we are about our services.

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